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January 26, 2009

How do I add new products?

Question How do I list a product that is not already on Amazon.com? If you are absolutely sure it does not exist, then the answer to this depends on how you signed up to sell on Amazon.com so we’ll point you in two directions. However, check twice or three times to be sure it doesn’t exist before creating a new product because the best buyer experience is to find that one product on one page (see our post on The Basics for more about detail pages).

  1. For sellers who registered as individual sellers using the Sell Your Stuff or Sell Yours Here option, you will only be allowed to sell products that are already on Amazon.com. However, this platform does offer an option to upgrade to a Pro Merchant Subscription and upload product data to create new product detail pages on Amazon.com. To learn more about this go to the Pro Merchant Subscription FAQ in the Seller Support help on Amazon.com and then read the Create a Product Detail Page FAQ.

  2. The series of posts about Selling on Amazon.com refer to that specific program and includes a recent post on Listing Options. If you have registered through that program, then any of those options provide the opportunity to create a new product when it does not already exist. Again, be doubly or triply sure that you’ve determined the product is not there. Duplicates are not a good experience for the customer and can negatively impact your sales in the long run. Of course, if you are using the UPC then you’ll easily find the match through all tools. For more information about Seller Central uploads and creating products start by reviewing one of these: (You will need to log-in to your account to view these help topics)

    a. Using Inventory Feeds
    b. Using the Add a Product feature
    c. Using Amazon’s Seller Desktop tool

In all cases, the basics are the same. Confirm that the item you want to sell doesn't already have a page on Amazon.com. Then identify the listing option that works for you and follow that format to input information about the type of product you are selling and tell us about it. Generally, you will have the opportunity to provide title, product identifier (ISBN, UPC or EAN), descriptions, special attributes, and search terms that Amazon will use to place the item in appropriate categories. Once you have created a product detail page, you can list your offer, setting the price and inventory, and indicating the condition of your item.

Some amount of information will be required for all product pages, but which information is needed varies by category. See the post on Data Definitions for more information about product data.

Remember, there is a lot of great information in your Help pages and many of these topics have tutorials to provide visual information for your self-training needs.

Cathi C


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That what I was looking for, I do not know why Amazon does not have these information as simple as this blog on their seller page.


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